Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Good Run

Upon completion of this ski season in late March, I have decided to retire and call it a career. The decision was not as difficult as I thought it would be and I am thankful for that. The time has come to pursue other things in life after putting in a solid 2 years of racing full-time on the NORAM circuit and 5 years racing NCAA for the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

In explaining my decision it is hard to avoid platitudes, however I want to convey that the time I spent as student-athlete in the NCAA and as a full-time ski racer was one of joy. The skills I gained to persevere, to be adaptable, to thrive to move forward, to capitalize on momentum, to work with others, and to see a bigger picture will be of great use throughout my entire life. Competing as an elite level racer is a blip of time in my life, however the skills I acquired I will apply to every other pursuit.

Finally and most importantly, the expression “To whom much is given, much is expected” seems very real for me right now. There have been a number of people, a sizable number of people, who have given me a lot in the last 7 years. Without the help and unyielding support of these people I would not have been to be the best skier I could be. I want to thank my coaches Scott Jerome and Alain Masson as well as my personal sponsors Gerry Thick, Peter Densmore, Howie Firth, Rodney Ruddock and Joze Sparovec . I want to thank Jonathan Kerr and all the people who billeted me on the road. I want to thank Jason Cork and team CXC as well as Chad Salmela and all my teammates at the College of Saint Scholastica. I want to thank my teammates at UAF for opening my eyes to skiing. I want to thank my YES Teammates for the brotherhood this season. Most of all I want to thank my Mom and Dad, who have provided me with more than I could ever repay. Thank-you all, I will pay it forward.

What's next for us David Greer?

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here is a video taken my some Carleton University skiers of Knute and I racing the 15k Skate in Duntroon ON last month. I remember being surprised I did not end up in the snowbank at the time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ski Lessons in the rugged Yukon Territory

Last week Colin Abbott and I were offered a very unique opportunity. We were asked if we would be interested in travelling to Beaver Creek, Burwash Landing and Haines Junction, YT to lead some ski lessons in these remote communities in the interior of the Territory. We accepted the job and traveled north to hang out with some incredible kids (and adults) in these communities.

As teaching ski lessons was new to me, I learned quickly to go with the flow and stay flexible and adaptable when it comes to the lesson plan. I ended up probably learning more from then students that they learned from me. It was a very satisfying experience in all three communities. In Beaver Creek, for example, one student was feeling a little bit intimidated by the whole process. Having felt like this before growing up and participating in various sports programs myself, I switched my game plan. While some of the more keen kids were chasing Colin around the snow machine-set track around the community, I took the shy student aside and started getting to know him a bit. After a few minutes, we had launched into a discussion about the best version of Halo for X-box and were debating which the best place to eat in Whitehorse was. It wasn’t long before we were clipping along the baseball field at a good pace, almost out of breath talking about video games and fast food.

It was this experience and others on the trip that will be memorable for Colin and me. It is not often when you get out of your travel-race-recover-train cycle as a ski racer, so I am grateful for this experience. Big thanks to Jan Downing, as well as the RPAY and RHEAL Leader Programs for making this happen.

Please check out the pictures and captions:

Sheep on Sheep Mountain on Kluane Lake. It was a beautiful drive with a fair amount of wildlife along the highway.

On the way to Beaver Creek, YT

Scott, the RCMP officer in Beaver Creek, kindly groomed about 3km of trail for us. Around the school. Here were are doing skiing in front of the school.

The Nelnah Bessie John School in Beaver Creek

Southern Tuchone and English are spoken in Burwash Landing

Burwash Landing, YT

A friendly pup checking out the new-comers in Burwash

Kluane Lake

The Green Team and the YES Team behind St. Elias School in Haines Junction, YT

This past weekend the YES competed in the Mt. Lorne Classic. It was fun to post some fast times busting out the skate skis and double poling the relatively flat 10k course. David Greer and I above.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Duntroon NORAMs

We just finished up with our 3rd set of races on our racing adventure through Ontario and Minnesota. Racing here in Duntroon ON was a new experience for me, and it's always fun to go somewhere you have not been before. We stayed in the quaint town of Collingwood which had a lot of snow and nice people. Especially the Dueck family who put us up for the week.

Races went quite well. I feel like I am slowly improving this season in general and the consistency is getting there. On Saturday I finished a career sprinting high 12th place. It was a fun day doing the classic heats on skate skis and finding out that all that double pole training I did with YES this summer paid off. In my quarterfinal I was the only guy on the start line double poling. It managed to work out and I passed through my heat in 2nd which turned out to be the fastest quarter of the day.

The skate race the next day I felt pretty flat for but managed to pull of a 16th place and can take some positives away.

Here are some pictures from the week:

HUGE Thanks to Rodney at Ski*Go Canada for giving us lightning boards to compete with the top guys in the country. Great support.

David driving hard in the 15k Skate

Team Tactics - Knute and John in the 15k

Brian and Lynn Dueck of Collingwood generously opened up their home for us this week. It's people like Brian and Lynn that make it possible for us to race well being away from home for so long.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Minneapolis Super Tour

We have just wrapped a crazy weekend of racing in Minneapolis. Saturday's race was a 10k skate, Sunday was a 20k classic mass start. The races went alrightfor me. Sunday was better finishing 21st in the large competitive field. Racing in Minnesota, I actually feel at home. Having raced much of my college career here, I know a lot of people, and seem to get lots of cheering from friends and friends' parents. Check out some the pictures and the race video below! Thanks to for all the coverage this weekend

Results from Saturday here

Results from Sunday here

Men's 20k Classic Mass Start

With Saturday's temperature climbing to +6C and Sunday's race temperature dipping down to -18C an icy course was in store for us. There were probably 50 crashes and a dozen broken poles out there during our race. Definitely needed to be alert and ready for anything!

Big Thanks to James Kyes (Lake Superior Ski Club) and Bill Pierce (FAST) for giving us fast boards for the weekend. These guys know their way around and nailed the wax both days.

And of course a huge thanks to the Lund Family in Duluth. We stayed here for our training camp in Duluth last week and again tonight enroute to Thunder Bay. Thanks to Rob, Sara and Caroline for the great cooking and Minnesotan hospitality!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

World Championship Trials 2013

Here are some photos from the World Championships Trials in Thunder Bay, ON. Races were mediocre, but I feel I am getting stronger and stronger this season and am where I want to be at this time of the season! I also skied a career best sprint finishing up 14th on the day.

We are now in Duluth for a training camp and will race next weekend in Minneapolis. Exciting time of year!

Yukon Elite Squad taking charge in the 30k

30k Skiathlon

15k Skate

Classic Sprint

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas and Racing

Christmas break is always a nice time to catch up with family and friends, eat great food and also go for some nice easy skis on familiar trails. This year that is just what I did. Despite the cold weather, I was able to get in some nice longer skis in the middle of the day when the sun was shining.

We also got to take place in a race back home in memorial of one of the Whitehorse CC Ski Club's main visionaries Don Sumanik. Full story here from the the Whitehorse Star.

We are now in Thunder Bay, Ontario taking part in the World Junior/U23/Senior Championship Trials. Yesterday we took the start line for the 30k Skiathlon. The race went okay for me and is a step in the direction I am striving for. I am optimistic and confident for the next races to come. As far as my month long racing tour, One race down, ten to go!

Me in the classic portion of the 30k Skiathlon - Martin Kaiser photo

Martin Kaiser photo

David, Colin and John leading the pack at the NORAM - Martin Kaiser photo

The Yukon Elite Squad midseason - David Greer photo

Monday, December 24, 2012

World Cup and Racing Tour

As many of you know, I got the opportunity to start in a World Cup in Canmore. The experience was unforgettable and I am motivated and inspired to get another start down the road. The World Cup week in Canmore was amazing to be a part of, and I was able to take a lot of it in as a spectator, a photographer and as an athlete.
Photo Journalist to Racer, I wear a few hats here at the Yukon Elite Squad

Grant Abbott Photography

We have a very fun and exciting set of races ahead of us. Please check out this intense racing schedule and follow us as we set out on the 31st to Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay, ON
Mass Start Skiathlon - Noram
Thunder Bay, ON
Classic 1.5k Sprint - Noram
Thunder Bay, ON
Interval Start Skate - Noram
St. Paul, MN
Classic 1.5k Sprint – US Supertour
St. Paul, MN
Interval Start Skate – US Supertour
St. Paul, MN
Mass Start Classic– US Supertour
Duntroon, ON
Classic 1.5k Sprint - Noram
Duntroon, ON
Interval Start Skate - Noram
Cantley, ON
Classic 1.5k Sprint - Eastern Canadian Championships
Cantley, ON
Interval Start Skate - Eastern Canadian Championships
Cantley, On
Pursuit Classic – Eastern Canadian Championships

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Canmore World Cup Day One

Here are some pictures I took today. We had 4 Yukoners starting and it was a great show! Amazing speed for this super tough course.

Women's start

Emily Nishikawa

Anne-Marie Comeau

Dahria Beatty

Kowalcyk -  Winner from Poland




Men's start

Emil Joensson - not just a sprinter!

Yukon Elite Squad suit in the World Cup - David Greer




The Nordic Knights - Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey (l-r)

The Nish # 36


David in the stadium