Saturday, June 26, 2010

Theresia on the top of the podium!

Mitternachtslauf 2010 start Black Forest Germany

I ran an interesting race last Saturday night. There is an annual city race in a town a short drive from Theresia's house where they close of all the streets and thousands of runners take part in a 7.77 km race 2 laps around the city. There are people cheering and partying behind the fence every street you go and there is music and stage lights everywhere. They really know how to make racing a party in this half of the world
The race started at midnight and probably suited me alright it being 3pm my time, although I felt really tired. Anyway I finished 8th overall and ran 17:30 5km pace for the 7.77km in 27:12 and was happy with the result!

Watching "fussball" at a public viewing mega screen

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