Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jõulumäe Camp and some Hot Weather!

View from Vahur's apartment he grew up in where I stay between camps-Tartu

Just finished up a successful camp in Southwest Estonia, near the sea. The center where we slept, ate and trained is about 25 km from the summer capital of Parnu. I had a little soreness in my leg from a knee-on-knee playing soccer in Otepaa, soI took it as an opportunity to work on my double poling and no arms skating on the 3.5km rollerski track. A typical day went like this:

-wake-up at 8am, do a short run with some medicine ball tossing and some beach soccer.
-9h eat breakfast
-10h morning training generally rollerskiing or ski-imitation training
-13h lunch and nap time
-16h evening training-usually strength
-18.30 dinner
-after dinner some easy basketball or table tennis

I managed to put in around 250km of rollerskiing this week. I also got to enjoy some traditional Estonian food as well as learn some more of the language being totally immersed in it-although my progress is very slow! Here are some random pictures from the camp:

Here is Tarmo and a pretty excited skier-There were many youngsters from Tartu Ski Club there as well
Hannes at Dinner time

After a 9km rollerski time trial. The track has nice rolling terrain and is good to practice transitions and cornering

There was also a really nice gym there with two Russian pulleys-Great for double poling
And now off to Sweden for some training with Erik!

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