Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hard Work and Lots of Calories!

A packed Ski-bus as usual

We ate a lot in July 

Our shower-no problem since it was over 30C for 3 weeks

Since Sweden training has gone very well and it was nice to get back to Estonia where the prices are a little more reasonable! After some recovery is was back to work with time trials and more specific training as with Tartu Ski Club. Allar, the King of ski-imitation, is always ready to push us whether it be walking or bounding on the uphills. We also did a 4k skating time trial in Otepaa on the same course and skis as last year. After getting sloppy on a short jump-skate hill at 2.5k, I broke my left pole, but after 10 minutes I decided to attempt the 4k again and managed to improve my time from last summer. On the Tehvandi track the temperature was around 33C and with such a short distance (taking me 7:58), it turned into a total lactate rally and I couldn’t believe how terrible I felt after the finish!

Ski bounding outside Tartu
Kaspar's place in Voru
After a some nice training with Tartu SK I started a camp with Bjorn Kristiansen and the Sprint Team. This was one the best week of training I have had in my life and it was so inspiring to get help from Bjorn with my double poling as well as observe the professionalism that the guys bring to training. I did a good job with recovery and managed to do all the sessions without getting run-down or fatigued. This camp gave me a good idea of how much work it takes to call yourself a skier. No pictures from this camp, but here are some others:
Hannes and the sweatband, Ins and Henri post-imitation workout

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