Sunday, November 28, 2010

Start your Engines!

10km classic on Sunday (photo: B. Boyer)

It has been a little while since I have left a blog post. I figured that homework should take precedence over updating my blog, but homework can wait. My fall training has gone very well so far. I have not hit the exact volume I was orginally shooting for, but the quality has been very good. I feel like I have made some great gains in my double polling as well as my ability to recover between hard efforts.

Last weekend, we opened the season with the Tour de Fairbanks--a three stage mini tour that consisted of a 3km prologue, a 8km mass start skate and a 10km classic pursuit. I will leave the race recaps to John Estle and won't bore you with details, but all-in-all the races were very exciting and the energy was there. It was amazing how exhausted I was after the last race and how much focus it takes to put together three days in a row. The races also served as our Nordic Cup competitions against UAA. This year we managed to come out on top by a substantial margin, however as the saying goes, the season is young and the season is long, so I definitely would not count out the Seawolves later on down the stretch to do great things. With Matt out of town with the running team, big props to Scott for administrating all the nut cases you see below and staying calm with all the last mintue wax changes on Sunday. Also thanks to Greg Whisenhant and Julia Pierson for a big help.

Check out results and writeups at

2010 Alaska Nordic Cup Champions! Great teammates make all the difference. Looking forward to the roadtrips already!

Coming around a corner on Estle's infamous "Three Hills" classic course (photo: B. Boyer)

After the race, I quickly packed up and headed to Whitehorse for the US Thanksgiving Break. It was great to come back home and ski on our beautiful trails, see some old friends, and re-connect with my coach here in the Yukon. I managed to put in a great volume week as well as jump in the Don Sumanik skate race. Next big races aren't until US Nationals after Christmas, so I am looking forward to another good training block over these next few weeks. Until then!