Saturday, June 11, 2011

CXC Camp #1

We have reached the half way point on the CXC camp #1 and things have been going well. Out here at the Telemark Lodge just outside Cable, Wisconsin, there is not much to do besides training and recovering. We usually start our morning training by 8:30 and the afternoon one starts at 4pm. The weather has cooled down a bit making the training a little more pleasant.

So far this week we have worked a lot on technique and efficiency on rollerskis. After most workouts we sit down after lunch for video sessions which has been pretty helpful. There are a few things that I can definitely bring away from these sessions. Despite being early in the training season, we have done 2 interval sessions this week. It felt really good to go fast again after a good break from racing and intensity this spring. Besides training we did get a little beach volleyball scrimmage.We finish up the camp on Friday.

And some technique work, What's wrong with these pictures :)

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