Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to Duluth

With a great first camp with CXC in Telemark under my belt, I returned to Duluth. After a little rest period, I was back at with a intensive week of training that included quite a bit of volume, strength and a 5k skate rollerski time trial. The TT was put on by James Keyes for his junior club and Joe Dubay, Peter Donars and I hopped in. The TT went well and it felt good pushing all out for the first time in a while. With temperatures reaching up toward 90F, and a lot of training that week my average heart rate for the 15min race was 201 with a max of 207.

After the Time Trial I headed home with one of my roomates who is from Minneapolis. We did some great training on the endless bike paths that connect the city to the suburbs. On Sunday we did a 4hour skate all on bike paths. It was cool to see a bit of the city and get some nice weather.

The old abandoned ski jump in Chester Park, Duluth

The Wessling's place in Minneapolis

Group shot with Joe, Peter and the juniors at Lake Superior Ski Club

Jeff finishing strong up the 1kilometer Strand hill
This week I am resting up in prepartation for the 2nd CXC camp that starts on Monday. The camp will similar but with the addition of an interval block the second week as well as a couple races. I will keep you updated!

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