Monday, July 11, 2011

CXC Summer Championships

In addition to a very demanding week of volume, we also had an intense Saturday as everyone took part in the CXC Summer Championships. This is a 3 stage race with an overall title winner. The three stages are a 5k trailrun, a 2.5k classic rollerski prologue and skate sprint finals in downtown Cable. I competed in the rollerski stages only since I have been sidelined for a bit from running with a foot injury.

The classic prologue felt alright for me although I was beat by over 30 seconds by the winner Karl Nygren and finished 11th overall. The skate sprint however went well and I was able to come away with the win. It was an exciting atmosphere with music and the downtown city block roped off for us. Overall, it was a solid intensity session and good to put the bib on and go all out. Here are the results from the skate.

Summer Championships - Sprint Heats Cable, Wisconsin | Presented by Central Cross-Country Skiing Saturday, July 9, 2011

1 440 Parry John   M 22 SR
 2 406 Nygren Karl  CXC Elite Team M 24 SR
 3 402 Ocariz Santi  CXC Elite Team M 24 SR
 4 412 Dodds Andy  M 18 OJ
 5 408 DeBold Doug M 21 SR
 6 411 Manske Waylon  CXC Elite Team M 22 SR
 7 407 Wolcott Eric  CXC Elite Team M 24 SR
 8 401 Gregg Brian  CXC Elite Team M 27 SR
 9 404 Saxton Ben  M 18 OJ
 10 409 Martin Adam  M 16 J1

Full results can be found here . Results of the overall can be found here
An all ages event (cxc photo)

Bearing down in the classic prologue, but not sure if the tongue is helping me! (photo: Renee Callaway)

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