Thursday, July 7, 2011

My second home this summer and fall

The second CXC Elite camp started on Monday and has been going well so far. I am training a higher volume block this week and have been pushing quite hard in training. Getting used to a new strength program is challenging, but a change of routine is how muscles become stronger. I have and will continue to train on average 4 hours a day this week. Hydration and recovery are important especially on interval days with temperatures getting up into the 30’s. It is fun to see how much your body can do with great recovery conditions.

On Saturday, I will compete in two rollerski races as part of the CXC Summer Championships. The first one is 3k classic prologue and the second one is a skate sprint on the downtown block of Cable Wisconsin. Hopefully there will be some spectators to cheer us on. Check out more information here.

I will update you on how the races go after Saturday. Until then'
The New CXC weightroom - we tried it out today for the first time. It's great to have a strength room specifically set up for nordic skiers.

The Lodge this evening

On the back deck!

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