Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Me tired

A muddy ride on the beautiful Lester trails in Duluth
The camp in Marquette finished up very well and I managed to log the volume that I was looking for as well as 2 strength sessions and very productive striding interval set. Having good people to train with, good coaches, a great place to stay (thanks to George Cartwright) and the NMU cafeteria nearby made for a stellar week of training.

I am now in the midst of much needed rest week. As I had planned 60 hours in 3 weeks, with a good number quality focus workouts (strength, speed and intervals) I am quite fatigued. I am confident now that with some good rest this week I will be ready to tackle another tough cycle and my last CXC training camp this summer. Despite all the volume, I managed to improve on a rollerski time trial by nearly a minute over the 5k course I did first in June.

For my final stay down here in the Midwest, I am moving to Hayward, WI to live with Eric Wolcott, a member of the CXC elite team. I am looking forward to doing some quality training with him before we head to the last summer camp in Telemark. I will keep you posted with more pictures next time! 

Skating on the street in front of house

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  1. I didn't know you brought your mt bike down there? looks like training is going good! nice. What's with the Rudy bucket?