Saturday, September 10, 2011

CXC September Camp

We are the midst of the last CXC elite camp in the Midwest. The first week is a volume week with a focus on speed with the second week being less volume and a focus on intensity . I have had some great workouts and am definitely feeling it today as we near the end of the week. I am looking at about 24hrs with 2 speed sessions, 1 threshold workout and 2 strength workouts. 

The last 3 weeks have been pretty exciting and productive. On my recovery week I was able to find some work on my downtime and help a friend lay concrete framing for a new foundation. Last week, I took off from Duluth and joined Eric Wolcott for some great training out at Cresthill Resort (where Scott and Kay Wilson have so kindly offered the place out to CXC skiers in the past 5 years or so). We were able to get some good fishing in as well as two workouts per day through the week.

After this camp, I will spend a night in the Twin Cities then head off to Vancouver for a short visit with family before heading home to Whitehorse for fall training. I am looking forward to getting home and meeting up with the Yukon Ski Team. As well as a nice rest period from training.

Speed day yesterday-pictured with Brian Gregg 

View of the lake at Cresthill on a foggy morning 


A VO2 max test with Jason Cork-a great way to determine which zones I need work on

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