Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In the last few weeks I have been doing a bit more running than usual to prepare for my leg of Klondike Road Relay. I have always found that running is a great way to train for skiing because of the aerobic qualities as well as the foot speed it develops. Last year, I could not run due to injury, so I am grateful this year to be able to hammer out some decent races and intervals.

A couple weeks ago, I achieved my personal best on the Haekell Hill running test—a straight uphill dirt road run of 2.85km. I PRed by 35 sec with a time 13:02, 28 seconds behind Graham Nishikawa’s all time record of 12:36.

Last weekend I competed in leg one of the Klondike Road Relay, starting at 11:30pm in Skagway. It was a fun event and I managed to come in 2nd in my leg in a time 58:04. Thanks for PhysioPlus and Intersport for sponsoring our team.

Now that my “running season” is over, I am looking forward to shifting to more specific training for the next block of intervals. Now we will still be seen running, but most of the time with ski poles in our hands!

Team Scarecrow - 2012 Overall Champions

My lonely start in Skagway

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